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Write files to USB Drive

luc4emmeluc4emme Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
Hi, I've tried to copy some file from the internal memory of my Wetek Air to an USB Drive formatted FAT32, but without success. It give me an error. I used TotalCommender and X-plore. Can somebody help me?


  • ctrlaltcactrlaltca Posts: 54WeTek Community Member
    What error do you get? How much is the file in size?
    My first thought is that FAT32 only supports files up to 4GB in size, and you are trying to copy a big video file that exceeds that size. Formatting the usb drive using exFat could solve this.
  • luc4emmeluc4emme Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    It seems like It hasn't permission to write on USB drives.
    The file size was 700MB. I switched to exFAT file system but I'm still experiencing write errors.
  • luc4emmeluc4emme Posts: 6WeTek Community Member
    From other file manager apps I get the message read permission only.
    How can I obtain writing permission on a USB drive?
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