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LibreElec 9.0.1 & Kodi 18.1

rigowetekrigowetek Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
I upgraded from Kodi 17.6 (LibreElec 8.x) via update folder, then did a full reset. Still the whole thing is kinda laggy/buggy so it doesn't feel right. Freezes when stopping video, sometimes blank screen. Turning off/on or modifying the hardware acceleration helps but yet some videos need this some that. With one word something isn't right.
All together I'd like to give it a try with a completely clean install.
How do I do that?
Or the upgrade -> full reset is kinda the same thing and the new Kodi isn't quite okay on the Wetek box?
The "Installing to NAND/eMMC" section on the wiki page speaks only of installing from Android.
Anyone with the same experience?


  • petersphilopetersphilo Posts: 7WeTek Community Member
    The fact that WeTek has abandoned the Core and Hub lines really sucks..
    i'm about to update to LibreELEC 9.0.0 (i don't see a version 9.0.1 available from the updater) from 8.2.5
    i'll post results...
  • StimmenhotelStimmenhotel Posts: 19WeTek Community Member
    edited August 5
    Especially since the hub never really worked ...
    Instead of Libreelec, try Coreelec (https://discourse.coreelec.org/) got this running and sometimes even netflix (720p) works!
    They just updated to Kodi v18.3, works like a charm.
    Don't know when I last tried to boot into android again ... ages for sure ...
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