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"Play next video / song automatically" not working...

sir_brickalotsir_brickalot Posts: 89WeTek Community Member
I have the setting /Settings/Player/Videos/Play next video automatically set to ON. The same with /Settings/Player/Music/Play next song automatically. It does not work for both and I had this problem on WeOS as well.
Is there a way to fix this?
LibreElec v8.2.5/WeTek_Play_2.aarch64 on SDCard


  • x_Killer_xx_Killer_x Posts: 70WeTek Community Member
    @sir_brickalot do you have a normal playlist or a smart playlist, if you have a smart playlist, change it to a normal playlist, shuffle it and check if your videos and songs play automatically.
  • shanegillshanegill Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    I will try this soon!!! Thanks

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