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AmCodec deinterlacing problems (LE8 and LE9)

RealmanRealman Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
To view TV channels in 1080i format, I use hardware acceleration amcodec for mpeg4 and h264. When the channel is switched or in the playback mode when several frames are skipped, the picture freezes and stops. I can resume playback only after you completely turn off the playback (stop button) and several channel switches. In the log file, I not found problems. I think this is a problem in the driver or codec.

If i disabled amcodec, then everything works, but hd channels can not be watched, because the processor is weak for this.

On the Intel platform (Asus N3050M), there are no problems, after skipping frames, the picture is restored in 3-5 seconds without problems.

After upgrading the LE 8.2.5 to version LE9 8.90.004, channels 720i and 1080i with hardware acceleration do not work too.
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