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Record button broken after LE 7.0.2 -> 8.2.4 Upgrade

rdorschrdorsch Posts: 12WeTek Community Member

I upgraded my wetek play fro 7.0.2 to 8.2.4. After the upgrade the record button does not work anymore. I made the record button work in 7.x using the Keymap Editor addon. Unfortunately this does not work anymore :-/

Any hint how to make this work again is welcome.



  • sineledgesineledge Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    If you can get your device in recovery first (without Sdcard inserted).
    As soon as you get recovery plug in the SDcard and apply update from EXT, select the zip file.
    Once it is finished, factory reset and then reboot.

    run 3 online.
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