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Unbrick WP2 from dead status !

mihaipmihaip Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
I've installed AndroidTV image on WP2 , want to
return via recovery clean install ... operation finished
normal but at reboot ... nothing happen ! so ...
- tried to recover from SD ... won't enter recovery mode
- tried to connect via serial ... no connection
- tried to connect via USB Burning Toll ... connected !

So I need an manufacturer .img image file !!! where I
can find one ? I know this is a professional tool but
also a simple and efficient way to solve a desperate
situation !!! please help !


  • mihaipmihaip Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    If you are not sure that AndroidTV is the dream
    of your life ... don't test it ! let me explain why ...
    - the conversion works fine ... no bad surprises !
    - all was announced works as expected ... except
    the fact that in applications if you are speeding up a
    little with RC you'll reset the system !
    - the combination TVHeadend server+client is a
    demo ... totally unsatisfactory as performance
    ( scanning is a mess , no 4K support , missing
    basic functions )
    - so is natural to want a way back ! but such a
    procedure ... simple and reliable was not documented
    so if you make a bad choice i terms of clean install
    recovery procedure ... you are bricked !!!

    Do not hope for a help from Wetek Support ! they
    are simply business oriented ! they would not support
    you in technical terms ... I've asked for a manufacturer
    rescue image (.img ) compatible with AML USB Burning
    Tool witch they are using !!! and I was politely refused !
    ... is too dangerous for you ! etc ! etc ! send it to us ...
  • mihaipmihaip Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    edited January 2018
    EDITED: Do not post/share recovery methods, procedures and software that is not officially supported by wetek!

    Best Regards
  • mihaipmihaip Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
    OK ! bye !!!
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