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No DVB-S channels found (Tvheadend)

HappoleonHappoleon Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Hi there,

I am using Libreelec 8.2.2, booting from NAND on my new Wetek Play 2 box.

The satellite antenna here in my house uses SCR/Unicable. I've taken the cable, which is known to work on the DVB/S/S2 card in my desktop computer (Tevii S470), and attached it to my Wetek box. I've installed Tvheadend server and client, and configured TVHeadend for unicable in my web browser, using my channel and frequency.

The thing is that Tvheadend does not find any channels at all. I've tried many times, I've failed.

Doing some manual scans with w_scan showed that he's able to tune to some channels, but the driver complains always just "no data from PAT" and that's it.

Attached the cable back on my desktop computer: it works flawlessly.

So: what's the reason why I can't tune into any channel on my Wetek box? Are the tuners in it picky/mediocre/whatever, or am I overseeing something else important?

Any help/suggestions is appreciated, thanks.


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