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Importing Saved Bouquets/Channels From Box To Dreamset

john121john121 Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
edited December 2017 in Android (WP1)
I have a Vu Duo + on OpenPli. And I have managed to manually add all my Bouquets and channels which I require directly from the box.
I now want to somehow be able to import these boquets/channels from the box into Dreamset and save them in Dreamset or my desktop.

My logic behind this is so that I have a backup of all my favorite boquets/channels on my computer.

Can someone please provide instructions how I can do this?

In dreamset I have connected to my box and clicked on the read/write settings and clicked on read, however Dreamset does not show the bouquets/channels that are saved on my box.


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team

    Unfortunately, with the latest updates (3.X) this is no longer possible.
    E2 channels import is not working properly at the moment, and the only way to import is via .db (using the backup option) but a lot of the channel editors do not accept this format. leaving us without any option for channel importing.
    This is already reported to our development team, and we are working to fix this soon.

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