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Wetek Play 1 Remote No longer Works!! Why ?

dragonflydragonfly Posts: 41WeTek Community Member
I have been try to use my Wetek Remote on numerous Applications built onto my SD card, but it fails to respond to any of them, why is this ?

I have read old links & discovered that the remote does talk to my box, when I perform the following command; dmesg -c

The code comes up; 0xbf40ff00

And gets translated into 0xff000001

The Apps obviously recongise this to be a 'typical' config as I discovered a similar build inside the wetek.conf file via SCP.

The file is situated within the following directory;

PLEASE HELP!! As I am missing out on a lot of joy in regards to this box, as I believe I am only using a small amount of it's capacity.

** Please note it briefly worked once when I was doing the following;

But has not worked sucessfully since then ??

Box details;

Version 1.1.7
Kernel version 3.0.50-wetek
Andriod 4.2.2


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