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  • theburgersarebettertheburgersarebetter Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    Hello all,
    First time poster. Am copying and pasting this comment from the Kodi forums, trying to reach a wider audience to see if anyone can help.

    I'm wondering if anyone can help with a relatively minor issue I'm having. More a question than anything.
    Current setup is hub connected to a denon receiver, which in turn is connected to an oldish (2010?) panasonic plasma, all via HDMI (1.4).
    Hub is connected to home network via gigabit/ethernet to a QNAP NAS for local video storage.
    Hub has been flashed with Ricardo's 2.4.1 ROM

    Generally it has worked extremely well and adequate for my needs. Using Kodi 17.6 and modified video cache. The problem I'm having is that any movie on the network more than about 20gb in size, has constant stuttering and makes it unwatcheable. Movies are all stored as 1080p etc (no 4k/hdr etc) and play just fine when at lower file sizes, just no good when they are larger.

    I initially thought this may have been due to only having 1gb of memory, but now I'm not so sure.

    I was playing around with some Kodi settings today and changed the ''allow hardware acceleration'' options in video processing. I had both 'media codec'and ''media codec (surface)' switched on. When I switched them off, I could suddenly watch a large movie (30gb that had previously not played properly), with absolutely no issues.

    To me that doesn't make sense. Shouldn't I want hardware acceleration? Or am I doing something wrong (quite possible ).

    Thank in advance
  • lorifelorife Posts: 20WeTek Community Member
    @marcopex and @rafmik I have the same problem...
  • lorifelorife Posts: 20WeTek Community Member
    Hello @wrxtasy I have a question for you. Do you think it runs better this version or the LibreELEC one? Thank you!
  • AxelRoAxelRo Posts: 77WeTek Community Member
    New apk in Google Store, HBO Go Android TV. I have been trying with Hub but doesn't play any movie.
  • brimurbrimur Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    Thank you very much for this ROM I put this on my Wetek Hub recently and I was amazed at how much works out of the box even a year later. Netflix works great, even showing me 4K Ultra HD as an option. For some reason though the Plex app thinks that the Hub cannot passthrough TrueHD or DTS MA HD, when it can, I used to have OpenPHT on it and that passed through those formats no problem to my AVR. If anyone knows how to fix this and can share that knowledge I would be grateful.
  • AxelRoAxelRo Posts: 77WeTek Community Member
    Is there any chance to make the new HBO Go android tv apk from GS to work?
  • lorifelorife Posts: 20WeTek Community Member
    Hello, I would like to report 3 problems:

    1) Youtube do not work. I can hear audio but I see nothing.

    2) Netflix: every now and then audio stutter for a second.

    3) Netflix: If I do not reboot the hub everytime after 20-25 seconds netflix stops the movie and says "there has been a problem". Then I reboot the hub and everything works again.
  • StimmenhotelStimmenhotel Posts: 19WeTek Community Member
    This still seems to be most responsive rom for the wetek hub (haven't tried classic launcher)...
    And I like the ATV features! So I hope I can stick with this rom.

    But! After a longer time without use I somehow have problems with this rom.
    I can't play Youtube videos (only the ad is played) ...
    I can't update apps (Playstore Error: RH-01)

    Already tried to reconnect with all my accounts (mainly google), but had no effect ...
    I don't know it, but I believe this is because not applied updates which I somehow can't do because of the RH-01.

    My next step would be, to flash this rom again ...
    But I kindly ask you, if you may update the Rom for the latest apps/services (maybe security update).
    Or can I use opengapps using the recovery for flashing?
  • katdeersabbagkatdeersabbag Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    what is the difference between Netflix mediaclient and Netflix ninja?
  • jonathan67856jonathan67856 Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    Read the similar netflix applications at Keepvid is the best online video downloader
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