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LibreELEC 8.x for WeTek Play


  • codesnakecodesnake Posts: 744WeTek Community Member, Developers
    New build of LibreELEC for WeTek Play - 8.0.1.cs.

    What's new in this build:
    * Based on official 8.0.1 release + updates.
    * Update DVB driver to wetekdvb-20170404.

    For download links see the first post in this thread.
  • Solo0815Solo0815 Posts: 243WeTek Community Member
    Can you please compile VDR 2.3.x for LE8 also? So WP-Users can install it as a addon?
  • samjoandcosamjoandco Posts: 23WeTek Community Member
    i tried with the sd-card image, that goes to android recovery as well. is there anyway out of this?
  • samjoandcosamjoandco Posts: 23WeTek Community Member
    edited May 2017

    i tried with the sd-card image, that goes to android recovery as well. is there anyway out of this?

    I copied the zip file to another USB drive and installed it from android recovery .
    the installation succeeded and it seems to be installed.

    works fine now ; no issues; had to boot it twice for it to work properly
  • MrRooMrRoo Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    I would like to install this to nand and get rid of android 4.?? how do I go about this, any instructions anywhere? Pretty Please!
  • BleckieBleckie Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    Sorry, download link does not work!

    regards, bleckie
  • MikeyyMikeyy Posts: 92WeTek Community Member
    codesnake said:
    Hi codesnake,

    Is this still best version to use or LE 8.0.2 should be used?
    I see 8.0.2 removed that DVB driver 20170404 and replaced it with older version.
  • gummiagummia Posts: 28WeTek Community Member
    I am having problem with streaming dvb-t2 SD h264 interlaced channel with TVheadend. The problem seems to be with hardware acceleration, amcodec. If I turn that off for h264 the channel plays but stutters. It seems like the hardware acceleration is having problem with interlaced video since this does not happen with progressive streams. Anyone know anything about this ? I am using LE version 8.2.1
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