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WeTek Play 2 4K Ultra HD OpenATV 6.0 Enigma 2


  • kesonjakesonja Posts: 118WeTek Community Member
    Ideal combination for me WEOS + E2 all in 1.Maybe in future come aplication E2.
  • ozkaradagozkaradag Posts: 593WeTek Community Member
    My opinion ideal OS is LE, LE, and LE.

  • kesonjakesonja Posts: 118WeTek Community Member
    Why LE?For me WEOS have all in 1 place,i try with LE but for me as new is too difficult to setup LE,channel list for tvh4.2 cant setup.If i continue learning how to setup LE what i can expect better then Weos,i now better skin,other things?
  • GroovetempleGroovetemple Posts: 73WeTek Community Member
    edited January 2017
    sorry...now works for me
  • mach1mach1 Posts: 737WeTek Community Member
    17 sw works but a lot of things must be fixed only test sw.
  • mikejc01mikejc01 Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    Hi Guys

    Just ordered my new wetek play 2 box

    I got the LibreELEC card as well, I would like to know can I still
    istall the open atv image with this or do I need the openelec option

    does this come with the sly skin ?

    would be greatful for any help , as not used e2 boxes for yrs so
    have forgotten loads
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