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Request for info needed to build a new Linux image.

lookidoklookidok Posts: 8WeTek Community Member
Ok guys, I am not getting any support for Openelec and it is dawning on my that my needs are not going to be services without pulseaudio so I am starting to think about building a custom image for the Wetek Play. I know it is an Armhf based arch and is based very much on the android embedded system way of doing things. But I am not concerned with running it off nand atm so I will run off a USB or sdcard which ever is easier.

I will base it on Debian because they have a very extensive repo of software available for the arch and I am very familiar with it. My question is what to do about the DVB drivers that are proprietary and I suspect will no work out of the box with the standard kernel DVB drivers.

Are there any other gotchas I need to be aware of like bluetooth chipsets or wifi chipsets?

Any help is appreciated.



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